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Measuring 6 inches, the extension will not extend past the barrel on a traditional four round capacity shotgun tube. The tube is machined to accept standard. Check here for current AMMO availability at our Eden Prairie location. Shotgun Mag Tube Extension / Competition / 3 Gun / 3 Gun Gear. The Benelli Nova/SuperNova Magazine Tube Extensions allow you to have a tactical advantage with two or three more rounds. The tube attaches easily without.

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Note- Part number and name refer to total capacity of the magazine with a DMW tube installed. Example: BEN – 8 round extension tube will give you 8. Magazine Extensions · Benelli +2 shot extension Blued for the Super Black Eagle (SBE), SBE II, M1 and M2, 12ga · Benelli +4 Magazine extension for the Super black. The addition of the GG&G two shot magazine tube extension will allow to keep a total of 6 rounds in the magazine; The two shot benelli M2 mag tube extensions do.

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Complete set includes: telescopic mag tube, Innovatac mag spring, and popular product is a carbon telescopic magazine tube for gauge shotguns. Magazine Extension Tube only. Available in lengths +2 to +9. Be sure to choose length and color. This tube can be used on all of our MOA Magazine Upgrade. The Carlson's® Shotgun Magazine Extension adds firepower to your standard, factory hunting shotgun, increasing round capacity for tactical and home defense.