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Propane Prices · Gallon Tank and Above · $/gal. · Gallon Tank and Above · $/gal. · Gallon Tank · $/gal. · Gallon Tank · $/gal. Per Unit (BTU) (Note 1), System Efficiency (Note 7), Price Per Million BTU. Fuel Oil (#2), $ / Gallon, ,, 80%, $ Propane, $ / Gallon. If you have a gallon tank, a decrease of 20 cents per gallon can save you money Propane prices can be up to a dollar cheaper in the warmer months as.

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PROPANE. In a Volatile Energy Market YOUR FEDERATED TEAM KEEPS FUEL SUPPLIES STABLE, DEPENDABLE. Although energy costs have been rising for decades. Retail Prices of Heating Fuels ; Diesel · N/A · N/A ; Kerosene · $ · $ ; No. 2 Fuel Oil · $ · $ ; Propane · $ · $ ; Regular Gasoline · N/A · $ As of Oct. 18, the per-gallon cost of propane was $, and Jay Christie, past president of the Iowa Propane Gas Association board of directors.

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gallons at a rate per gallon of $ per gallon fixed from 05/01/22 through 06/30/ Secure this low rate with a one-time fee of $ gallons at a rate. Whether you choose to prepay, pay per-gallon, use our summer fill program, Propane offers lower up front costs and fewer carbon dioxide emissions. Providing Home Heating Oil, Propane and Other Heating Fuels Since You are here: Home Pricing Enter your zip code to see your current oil price!